Women’s Groups

There are three Women’s Groups set up in 2017. The groups are thought in Life and Leadership and financial (budgeting) skills. The women said they had learned a lot from the various training GCT has provided. They appreciate the support and request for continual assistance. The women are now more confident and open to help each other with resolving issues in the group, with the support of GCT. The groups are through life skills and know themselves better and are able to control their feelings and emotions in difficult and stressful situations. They are calmer and think first before they act. They are less angry and are able to put themselves in other people’s shoes to understand the other’s feelings as well. They also learned to forgive and avoid conflict through the training. The women said they love getting involved in the Women’s Group because they have made close friends to discuss with and get advice from when they have problems. Overall, the women are happier now than they were a year ago because they have built trust and friendship with each other. Their community is more open and friendly. Many women are happily participating in Savings Group because it teaches them how to save, builds more trust and support between them and it can help them when they have financial problems because their interest rate is low (3%). They said their goal is to expand their Savings Group, to include people outside their Women’s Group to help other people in their community. Women have also requested to learn about animal raising, farming, cultivating mushrooms, the environment and also learning the English language. These new requests will be taken into account for the 2018 activity planning.