GCT’s vision and mission are to keep our community growing and vibrant with higher capacity and able to mobilize each other resources to help resolve their problems. We believe in young people and continue to invest in them for a long- term sustainable development that makes lasting change in their families and communities’ lives.

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Mission Alliance

Mission Alliance has helped to continue the Community Organizing process which has started in 2016. The project was started to get a better understanding of the local issues and organized groups, to receive better training. 

Research, done by GCT in 2016, confirmed indebt community needs. GCT, in partnership with Mission Alliance, has continued to provide training to the local leaders on the Community Development principles. The CO process has 10-12 stages where the community groups namely the Community Based Organizations (CBOs)/local groups were trained to lead their community projects to address their local issues. The local CBOs/group leaders are trained in the concept of the CO process and implement emerging issues identified by the community. community through at least 1-5 stages of the CO process. 

These early 1-5 stages prepared the community to understand their own issues, build trust among the community members, mobilizes the volunteers and participation of youth/children and women to contribute in their community causes. This year, GCT hopes to facilitate the community at least to select their core groups and build their capacity to organize the CBOs in the following year. 

The project uses the CO process to encourage taking active roles in improving skills in livelihood development and especially their children and their future education.

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