Children’s Club


There is an active Youth Club in Tuol Roka 1 (GCT’s office) with youth coming from all 4 villages learning life and leadership skills, awareness of issues, English, and playing volleyball. There is a total of 55 teenagers active in the Youth Club.

GCT’s office is an ideal place for the youth to gather and learn. The facilities make it easier and more effective to teach the kids to interact with one another without unnecessary distractions in the community.

Weekly English Classes have been established and are a core interested of the group. They are very keen to learn more English, and the participation has steadily increased, including youth from all four villages. From this year’s experience, English class is an effective means to bring the children together. In addition to learning English, they have gained new friends and confidence in their daily interactions.

Every Friday, the youth gathers to do fun activities, such as exploring the city, dancing and playing volleyball. They learn about the environment and take part in community cleanup activities. Youth in Prektalong 3 have started to become more active in 2017 as space has been identified to conduct life skills and leadership training. The main issue now is finding a standard time to attend regular training.

Positive Communication

Many of the youths remembered the lessons on Positive Communication. They said they have implemented it in their own lives. They are now more calm and understanding when they talk to other people. They said they think first before reacting.

In 2017 the youth have become more active in their villages and willing to help teachers to gain experience and confidence. There are four youth volunteers, teachings children Khmer.

GCT also has a sports club, teaching football, life values, and providing personal counseling with the help of football life coaches. The youth also receive short weekly Life Skills and leadership lessons, as well as environmental topics conducted by GCT and FootbalLife.

There has been a dramatic improvement in attitudes and behaviors. Before they joined FootbalLife, most of the youth wasted their time playing games, aimlessly mingling around the community and some also did drugs. Because of the harmful activities they previously did, their attitudes and behaviors were also very aggressive, rude, and reluctant to listen, hard to focus and did not respect or forgive each other. After a year, the youth have gained good values. They are calmer, respectful, forgiving, encourage others and think of others.